What are the Best Board Management Software and Meeting Space Apps?

Board management software (next BMS) is one of the most crucial tools for board evaluation in listed and public firms. There are other requirements on the list that businesses must follow. Apps for board meetings have been created that adhere to all the requirements for required evaluation listed in the Companies Act. Executive teams and the board of directors can both use board meeting software. This program can be utilized anywhere, regardless of the company size. The management of voting, surveys, attendance, etc., is made easier for the experts. You can read any meeting agenda as a user and add comments to it as well. The software’s outstanding feature is the ability to examine a map of the meeting location while simultaneously assisting in the creation of digital content. These board meeting applications maintain a high level of security to keep all of your private and confidential information secure. The members can communicate with one another, which improves the level of coordination and guarantees excellent corporate governance. Meetings are now much better thanks to this program, which also helps with improved board management. This program is offered in a number of models on the market. We have compiled a list of the top BMS that will undoubtedly aid you in making the right choice.

What Are the Best BMS?

Spend your free time on something else, and we have already prepared the best board management software for you.

Diligent Boards

A member directory, role-based permissions, approval process management, and other features are included in this board meeting administration software. Companies benefit from increased production and strong leadership. It can be used by board members for a variety of tasks like creating committees, making contacts, generating periodical reports, etc. Real-time updates can also be accessed via mobile devices.


Board meetings ought to be well-informed, efficient, and simple. Discover a board portal that streamlines decision-making by establishing a system of records for administrators, executives, and directors that can be accessed at any time and from any location with simple data and analytics. Boards may flourish with meetings that are more collaborative, productive, and effective thanks to OnBoard board management’s unified and secure communications. Utilize Onboard’s no-obligation free trial to evaluate the service before making a purchase.

Azeus Convene

An effective software is available with the user-friendly BMS Azeus Convene. It offers secure access to board documents for executives and directors. The goal of this program is to prepare documentation and streamline meeting operations from pre-meetings.

Brainloop BoardRoom

A BMS tool called Brainloop BoardRoom makes it easier to plan meetings and safeguards communication among participants. It is a safe option for meetings between board members and executives that require extreme discretion. The top features are document management, collaboration, member directories, role-based permissions, and approval process management. It streamlines meeting procedures and facilitates real-time collaboration across all platforms and devices.


Utilizing the full potential to enhance board meetings, BoardPacks is an online board meeting software that streamlines board management and enables users to duplicate paper online. Users may save expenses, and improve sustainability, governance, and compliance of the firm with the use of features that are provided with efficient administration.

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