Your Facebook account has been hacked

Your Facebook account has been hacked – Solutions

The aim of many scammers on the Internet is to hack Facebook account. Reading this topic, you will find out how to protect your account and how to restore access in the case if you’ve lost it.

How to Protect an Account in Facebook

Every profile of this gigantic social web is a great profit for frauds. People have many personal and important information, photos, videos, and much other private stuff storing on their accounts. After hacking an account, a scammer achieves a large variety of possibilities on how to use it. In most cases, they will have success by deceiving people and eventually steal some money or valuable information. In such a case, every user of Facebook should protect their profiles as much as possible.

  • Make a complex password. It must be a long combination of symbols including uppercase and lowercase letters and figures. 
  • Don’t use the same password in other social webs, websites, applications, and so forth.
  • Change your password at a certain time. It mustn’t be a long one, for example, every 6 months is good.
  • Log in to your account on trusted devices. It’s better if you would use it only on your personal computer or smartphone.
  • Use security features provided by the website. For example, Login Alerts sends a notification every time someone’s trying to log in to your account.
  • Set up two-factor authentication. It’s great because it requires mobile to receive a text message with a security code to confirm the login.
  • Set up trusted contacts. With this feature, your friends can help you to get your profile back by sending a recovery code. 

These tips will help you to avoid hacking an account. However, such a risk is still present and no one is safe from this danger.

What to Do to Restore Access to Hacked Profile?

Nowadays, hackers are well-prepared to steal your account and leave you no chance to restore access to it. They change email, password, and mobile number to block any possibility of account recovery. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get it back. The process may be long and boring. Let’s take a look at what you should do if you have lost an account:

  • Check Hacked Accounts section in Help Center. There are a lot of useful tools for many related problems. Pick one and follow the guide. All the tools are working automatically. In the majority of cases, you will need to confirm your identity to get back your profile.
  • One of the effective methods of account recovery is to submit physical proof of your ID. As you are a true owner of the profile, you’ll likely be able to use the account soon.
  • Check your emails. In all the cases of password or email changing, a notification about such an operation is sent to the previous email address. To avoid hacking, there is a special link allowing to reverse all the changes.
  • If a fraud has set up two-factor authentication, try to use the Help Me option. In this way, a current owner of the profile won’t know that you are trying to bring it back. Using this option, eventually, you will start the process of proving your identity and resorting access to your account.

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